Articles of JARIBE

Article 1 (Name)
This association represents oneself as Japan Association for Research into IB Education. 
Article 2 (Office)
The office of the association is located in the organization that the president belongs to or the place that he/she designates.
Article 3 (Purposes)
The purposes of the association are to promote research on IB and to develop research on IB by interaction and cooperation among our members.
Article 4 (Works)
The association conducts the following works.
(1)    Research or practical studies on IB education
(2)    To host meetings for research publication 
(3)    To compile and publish the magazine Japan International Baccalaureate Educational Research
(4)    Other works to accomplish our purposes
Article 5 (Members)
This association is organized by the following members
(1)    Official members: Individuals who agree to our purposes
(2)    Student members: Graduate students or undergraduate students who agree to our purposes
(3)    Group members: Schools equivalent to elementary and secondary education levels such as kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, compulsory education schools, high schools, secondary education schools, and international schools that agree with the purpose of our association. Universities are not included.
(4)    Supporting members: Cooperations or Organizations that agree to our purposes and support our project designate a representative.
Article 6 (admissions and secessions)
People who would like to be a member submit prescribed admission papers. Members who would like to secede must submit secession notifications.
Article 7 (Membership Fees) 
Members are required to pay a membership fee. The annual membership fee is as follows; Regular members: 8,000 yen, Student members: 3,000 yen, Group members: 30,000 yen, Supporting members: 30,000 yen.
Article 8 (Officials)
 A president, two vice presidents, around ten directors and two advisers shall be placed at this association. The term of office is three years and reappointment is allowed.
Article 9 (Election of officials)
  A president and two vice presidents are elected by mutual votes at governing board.
Article 10 (Election of directors)
 Directors are elected from official members.
Article 11 (General meeting of members)
General meeting of members is located at this association. Works planning, election of officials, approval and decision of the other bills are conducted at the meeting.
Article 12 (Accounting)
The fiscal year of the Association begins April 1st. It ends on March 31st following year.
Article 13 (Revision of articles)
If the articles are revised, approvals by general meeting of members have to be obtained through the process of discussion at governing board.

Additional rules
1.    This articles come into force on April 19th, 2016.

2.    A partial revision on September 1st, 2019.